Artwork Specifications

General guideline for artworks:
Artwork should be supplied on CD, DVD, USB Flash Drive or E-mail (Files mailed should not exceed 10 MB) For larger files please use Dropbox and mail us the download link.

Artwork accepted in following formats:
Corel Draw X6 - or earlier versions
Adobe Acrobat PDF ( PDF/X-1a)
JPEG (300dpi or more)
Atwork supplied in M.word / M.Excel / M.Powerpoint or M.Presentation will have an additional cost due to the fact that files need to be converted to a usable format.
*Files need to be supplied at actual size

Please include bleed of at least 3mm and add trim marks if necessary

All JPEG's must be supplied in CMYK. Black qand white images must be supplied as grayscale.

Please note if you use images from the website it could turn out fuzzy and blurred (pixilated) as most web images are 72dpi.

Include FONTS where possible but convert all files to curves (paths), even before converting to PDF.

If no colour specifications or samples are supplied we will print file as is and will not be held liable for any incorrect colours.

Note that Pantone colours cannot be matched 100% using digital printing )
A colour proof will be supplied were possible for colour matching and proofing on digital printing only at an additional cost.

For litho printing we print file as is and no proofs are supplied.

Page Sizes:

  • A7 = 74x105mm
  • A6 = 108x148mm
  • A5 = 148x210mm (Most common flyer size)
  • A4 = 210x297mm (Normal print page)
  • A3 = 297x420mm
  • A2 = 420x594mm (Most common wall calendar and poster size)
  • A1 = 594x841mm
  • A0 = 841x1189mm